Experience the art of refined hospitality, whether for personal or business occasions.

Situated amidst the enchanting beauty of Shimla, Larisa Hotel welcomes you with a lavish banquet hall. This prime location is perfect for creating memorable experiences on your wedding day, exquisitely decorated to cater to your vision, and serves as a delightful venue for family celebrations or social gatherings like kitty parties.
Moreover, our hotel offers sophisticated venues tailored for professional events such as boardroom meetings, conferences, and corporate functions.

Larisa Resort - Shimla is the perfect venue for your next celebration, whether it's a wedding, party, or corporate event. With its stunning mountain views, elegant surroundings, and world-class cuisine, Larisa Resort is sure to create a memorable experience for your guests.
The resort's banquet hall can accommodate up to 350 guests and can be customized to fit your specific needs. The staff is experienced in providing excellent service and creating a truly unforgettable event.
In addition to the banquet hall, Larisa Resort also offers a variety of other event spaces, including a restaurant, a bar, and a terrace. These spaces can be used for a variety of events, from small gatherings to large-scale celebrations.
No matter what type of event you're planning, Larisa Resort - Shimla is the perfect place to make your memories. With its stunning location, elegant surroundings, and world-class cuisine, Larisa Resort is sure to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

  • Banquet Hall
  • Board Room
  • Roof Top
  • Tea Café
  • Open Terrace
  • Bar (Chaang)
  • Restaurant (Khambir)

Banquet Hall

Size (Sq. - ft.): 2260

Theatre: 200

Cluster: 80

U-Shape: 60

Reception: 150

Dimensions: 73 ft * 31 ft * 8’.6”–9’.6” (L*B*H)

Board Room

Size (Sq. - ft.): 515

Theatre: 40-50

Cluster: 25-30

U-Shape: 20

Reception: 20

Dimensions: 23 ft * 22 ft * 8’.6” (L*B*H)

Roof Top

Size (Sq. - ft.): 580

Reception: 20

Dimensions: 24 ft * 19 ft * 10 ft (L*B*H)

Tea Café

Size (Sq. - ft.): 520

Reception: 20

Dimensions: 24 ft * 17 ft (L*B)

Open Terrace

Size (Sq. - ft.): 1175

Reception: 40-50

Dimensions: 65 ft * 19 ft (L*B)

Bar (Chaang)

Size (Sq. - ft.): 1600

Reception: 40-50

Dimensions: 48 ft * 42 ft * 8 ft (L*B*H)

Restaurant (Khambir)

Size (Sq. - ft.): 1447

Reception: 40-50

Dimensions: 36 ft * 30 ft * 8’.6”–9’.6” (L*B*H)