LaRiSa Mussoorie offers a carefully curated Village Visit experience, just 1.5 km away, encompassing transfers, village exploration, refreshments, chai, and local interactions within a concise 2.5-hour timeframe. This intimate journey into the mountain villagers' way of life invites you to explore mud houses and barns housing cows and goats, capturing scenic photographs along the way. The experience not only provides a raw and authentic insight into rural living but also promotes health through the hike to and from the village. With an expert, knowledgeable, and professional guide, it's an enriching blend of cultural immersion and physical activity.

Points to Consider

  • This cannot be done in rains
  • Can be done on all days of the week


2.5 hours approx for the whole experience


  • Transfers to & fro
  • Refreshments (provided by LaRiSa and served halfway through the experience)
  • Guide
  • Basic First Aid
Village visit by Car ₹140000 (incl. all taxes)