A complimentary Tent Pitching experience where you will join our Representative for an interactive session on basic outdoor skills, including hands-on demonstrations on tent pitching. Learn essential first aid skills crucial for outdoor adventures and grasp the art of basic mountaineering and survival knots.  This session not only enhances your outdoor proficiency but also provides a valuable opportunity to glean insights from our expert representative, ensuring a more informed and enjoyable stay amidst the scenic beauty of Mussoorie.

Points to Consider

  • This cannot be done in rains
  • Can be done on all days of the week


Flat group rates for a 30-minute session


  • Our Experiences Representative will showcase basic outdoor skills.
  • Demonstration on how to pitch a tent.
  • Basic First Aid kit
  • Basic mountaineering/ survival knots will be taught.
  • A good opportunity for all to learn from our expert experience representative.
Tent Pitching & Outdoor skills ₹75000 (incl. all taxes)