Begin your day by venturing to the majestic Chapora Fort, perched atop a hill overlooking the mesmerising landscape of North Goa. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura as you visit the site featuring a remarkable Shiva Face Carved on Stone.Conclude your North Goa Tour by delving into the historical charm of the Sinquerim Fort, also known as Aguada Fort. Built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, this coastal fortification boasts stunning views of the Arabian Sea

Points to Consider

  • Open for visits throughout the year.
  • Full -day exploration.



  • Comfortable transfers
  • Guided tour
  • Refreshments are served by LaRiSa for an enriching experience.
  • Basic first aid provisions for your safety.
North Goa Tour (Chapora Fort / Shiva face carved on stone / Sinquerim Fort) ₹0 (incl. all taxes)