A hand-picked adventure by LaRiSa Manali with the Hike to Sajla Waterfall. At a distance of 4 km from the property. It unveils a hidden gem on the old Naggar Manali road. Nestled in the village of Sajla, the waterfall is a serene escape accessible through an easy 1.5 km trek from the road. Revel in the natural beauty, tranquil surroundings, and thrill of discovery, making this an unforgettable addition to your stay at LaRiSa Manali.

Points to Consider

  • This cannot be done in rains
  • It can be crowded sometimes, depending on the season


  • Transfers to & fro
  • Refreshments (provided by LaRiSa and served halfway through the experience)
  • Guide
  • Basic First Aid


3 hours approximately
Hike to Waterfall (Sajla) ₹0 (incl. all taxes)