LaRiSa Manali presents a meticulously crafted Hand-picked Experience: Soyal Village Hiking. Accessible by a scenic 2 km car ride, followed by a 30-minute outdoor hike, this adventure promises an immersive journey through nature's wonders. Explore the charm of Soyal Village, in the landscapes, as you traverse the scenic path. This carefully curated experience offers a perfect blend of convenience and outdoor exploration, providing guests with a unique opportunity to connect with the natural beauty surrounding LaRiSa Manali

Points to Consider

  • This cannot be done in rains


Varies according to the group of people


  • Transfers to & fro
  • Refreshments (provided by LaRiSa and served halfway through the experience)
  • Guide
  • Basic First Aid
Hike to Soyal Village ₹0 (incl. all taxes)