LaRiSa Mussoorie offers a delightful barbecue experience in the evening with a unique pricing structure catering to different group sizes. Whether you're a party of 4 -12 people, the pricing remains consistent within each bracket. This inclusive approach ensures that small and large groups alike can enjoy the exquisite barbecue offerings without worrying about costs. Enjoy a memorable evening filled with delectable grilled delights against the picturesque backdrop of Mussoorie at LaRiSa.

Points to Consider

• Cannot be done in rain & weekdays • Can be done on all days of the week • Pricing for (1-4) pax is the same, (5-8) pax is the same, and likewise (9-12) pax is the same


Organized in the evening


3 types of packages • Personal Veg BBQ package • Personal Non-veg BBQ Packages • Veg & Non-veg BBQ packages
Barbeque ₹400000 (incl. all taxes)