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LaRiSa Mussoorie offers a delightful barbecue experience in the evening with a unique pricing structure catering to different group sizes. Whether you're a party of 4 -12 people, the pricing remains consistent within each bracket. This inclusive approach ensures that small and large groups alike can enjoy the exquisite barbecue offerings without worrying about costs. Enjoy a memorable evening filled with delectable grilled delights against the picturesque backdrop of Mussoorie at LaRiSa.



LaRiSa Mussoorie enhances your stay with On-the-House Experiences, featuring a delightful Mini Golf course on-site. Enjoy a leisurely round of mini putting with obstacles and features, adding a touch of fun to your mountain retreat. Whether you're a golf enthusiast or just looking for a relaxed pastime, our Mini Golf facility is a complimentary delightful activity within the surroundings of LaRiSa. Immerse yourself in the joy of play, creating cherished moments during your stay in Mussoorie.



LaRiSa Mussoorie offers complimentary On-the-House Experiences, including the engaging Soft-Archery activity. Unleash your inner archer in a safe and controlled environment, where our setup ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for all. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced archer, our Soft-Archery setup provides a unique and fun-filled opportunity to test your skills. Join us at LaRiSa for a memorable stay, complete with complimentary activities that add a touch of adventure to your mountain retreat.


Tent Pitching & Outdoor skills

A complimentary Tent Pitching experience where you will join our Representative for an interactive session on basic outdoor skills, including hands-on demonstrations on tent pitching. Learn essential first aid skills crucial for outdoor adventures and grasp the art of basic mountaineering and survival knots.  This session not only enhances your outdoor proficiency but also provides a valuable opportunity to glean insights from our expert representative, ensuring a more informed and enjoyable stay amidst the scenic beauty of Mussoorie.


Village visit by Car

LaRiSa Mussoorie offers a carefully curated Village Visit experience, just 1.5 km away, encompassing transfers, village exploration, refreshments, chai, and local interactions within a concise 2.5-hour timeframe. This intimate journey into the mountain villagers' way of life invites you to explore mud houses and barns housing cows and goats, capturing scenic photographs along the way. The experience not only provides a raw and authentic insight into rural living but also promotes health through the hike to and from the village. With an expert, knowledgeable, and professional guide, it's an enriching blend of cultural immersion and physical activity.


Village Visit & Hike

LaRiSa Mussoorie presents an intimate Village Visit & Hike experience, a mere 1.5 km from the hotel. With a medium level of difficulty, featuring steep inclines on two points during the return, this 3-hour adventure includes transfers, a scenic hike, and refreshing breaks. Immerse yourself in the mountain villagers' way of life, exploring mud houses, barns, and capturing scenic photographs. The raw and real experience promotes both cultural discovery and physical well-being, accompanied by an expert, knowledgeable, and professional guide for a truly enriching journey into the heart of local living.


Nature Walk & Picnic

LaRiSa Mussoorie invites you to a hand-picked 1.5 km Nature Walk, a serene journey amidst lush forests, melodious bird sounds, and captivating views. Immerse yourself in the region's natural beauty, learning about its unique features and finding solace in the tranquility of nature. Pause for a delightful picnic in the great outdoors, experiencing a timeless moment of raw and genuine connection with the environment. With an expert, knowledgeable, and professional guide by your side, this nature walk promises a refreshing and immersive escape into the lap of scenic bliss.


Jabarkhet – Hike & Birdwatching

LaRiSa Mussoorie invites you to indulge in their hand-picked Jabarkhet Hike & Birdwatching experience, just 2.5 km away from the hotel. Nestled in a private estate committed to eco-tourism, Jabarkhet emphasizes the conservation of flora and fauna. Guided by professionals, explore marked trails for an educational journey through this protected sanctuary. The entire experience, including transfers, a scenic hike, and refreshing breaks, lasts approximately 3 hours, ensuring a delightful blend of nature, education, and relaxation right at your doorstep.


High Fly Adventures

An exhilarating adventure with LaRiSa Mussoorie's Partner Experience, the High Fly Adventures. Elevate your senses as you engage in thrilling activities, from ziplining through treetops to traversing challenging rope courses. This high-flying escapade promises an adrenaline-packed day against the backdrop of the scenic Mussoorie landscape. With expert guidance and top-notch safety measures, High Fly Adventures by LaRiSa ensures a memorable and safe journey for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience in the heart of nature.