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Swing into fun! Our mini putting course welcomes all golfers. Conquer unique obstacles of varying difficulty. Stay sharp, stay on top! Experience the charm of mini golf amidst serene hills.



Immerse yourself in the ancient sport and chase the thrill of hitting the bull’s eye! A test of aim and focus, the ancient sport is a great activity for all ages. In trying your hand at it, you might find a rewarding hobby that you will enjoy for many years to come!


Tent Pitching & Outdoor skills

Join our fun-filled journey of learning and adventure. Learn tent pitching, First Aid, mountaineering knots, and more. Become a survival champ. Help out with the tentpitching demo for hands-on fun. Unleash your skills on your next wilderness quest, or even at Home!


Village visit by Car

Embark on an epic journey, capturing stunning photos, mingling with locals, and immersing yourself in the mountains' humble and rewarding way of life. It's an authentic, raw adventure that guarantees endless fun for all. Plus, enjoy the expertise of our knowledgeable guide who will make every moment unforgettable!


Village Visit & Hike

Experience the vibrant mountain village life up close and personal! Get your adventure on and boost your immunity by hiking to the village and back. It's a raw, real, and super fun journey. Plus, our expert guide will join you, adding their knowledge and professionalism to make it an unforgettable experience!


Nature Walk & Picnic

Experience nature's symphony with birds, forests,and stunning views. Discover the region's secrets and find solace in its soothing embrace. Pause for a picnic,savoring the moment as time stands still. It's an authentic, raw encounter guided by an expert.


Jabarkhet – Hike & Birdwatching

Jabarkhet is a private estate which believes in conserving and preserving flora & fauna. An Ecotourism hub with guided trails, expert guides, and endless fun. Join the adventure now and unleash your inner explorer. Preserve, conserve, explore, and learn!